Don’t Get Caught Dead at the Zombie Run!

We are excited to have you join us this year! This year FSA Counseling Center announces SKULLinary Queens. We’re doing something a little different- we’re taking over the Zombie Run to continue our fundraising efforts. 

Important Dates for 2021: 

  • Moon Lite Drive-In: Community Halloween Movie Night- October 13th
  • SKULLinary Queens at the 2nd Annual Zombie Run- October 30th 

Win Prizes

Not that you need encouragement, but Queens are vying for the title of Queen of the Night and Queen of Halloween. 

  • Queen of the Night is awarded to the queen that raises the most funds during pre-race fundraising.
  • Queen of Halloween is awarded to the queen that gets the most tips the day of the Zombie Run.

Titles will be given at the individual level and at the team level.