We’re Dead Set on Raising Money for FSA Counseling Center

There is a mental health epidemic raging through our community and there are too few people and organizations qualified to assist those in need. As the need for services grows, FSA Counseling Center’s mission “to improve the lives of individuals and families by providing affordable, quality counseling and education” is more important than ever. FSA Counseling Center has been serving the Wabash Valley since the late 1800s and has prided itself in being diligent enough, and flexible enough, to meet the needs of the community in new and powerful ways ever since. Currently, FSA is serving the Wabash Valley by providing services such as: 

  • Individuals, Couples, and Family Counseling
  • Batterer’s Intervention Programs- Male and Female
  • Anger Management- Adults and Teens
  • Healthy Relationship Training- Adults and Teens
  • Parenting- All ages and Stages
  • Substance Abuse Prevention 
  • Recidivism- Adults and Teens

 It is important to note that FSA Counseling Center is different than many other agencies providing mental health services in that we do not turn away clients based on their financial status or ability to pay. This can be done only because of community partnerships, state and local grants, and generous individuals like yourself. This year FSA and Culinary Queens are claiming the month of October. This “October Takeover” is our way of sharing FSA’s mission and educating the Wabash Valley about the importance of quality and affordable mental health services. October Takeover 2021 will include the following events: 

    • Moon Lite Drive-In: Community Halloween Movie Night- October 13th 
    • 2nd Annual Zombie Run- October 30th