What is the history of Culinary Queens?

  • Culinary Queens is a fundraising event, that started in Terre Haute several years ago. It is THE Halloween Party of the year. It was created to support FSA Counseling Center, which provides quality and affordable mental healthcare available to children and adults across the Wabash Valley. Strong and reliable mental health services are fundamental to healthy and successful communities. This year, in particular, we have seen an alarming bump in the number of suicide, abuse cases, and other mental health struggles throughout the Terre Haute area. By getting or giving your$75 participation buy-in, you are providing the resources to change the life of 1 family or 2 school-aged children. Every dollar raised stays in our community to help those most in need. 

When and where will the Culinary Queens event be held?

  • This year we’re changing it up to announce SKULLinary Queens. Our queens will be taking over the Zombie Run with Trunk or Treat or decorating a table to cheer on and celebrate the runners. 

How will this event raise funds for FSA Counseling Center?

  • Funds will be raised through event sponsorships & tips made on behalf of SKULLinary Queens. These Queens are Dead Set raising funds for FSA.


What are the responsibilities of a Queen?

  • Register online and provide your information to our team
  • Fundraise prior to the event by soliciting “tips”, ticket sales, or table sponsorships, all of which go to your total funds raised
  • Prepare or ‘procure’ a dish that will provide at least 100 servings for the event.
    • Serving size = the size of your thumb or a meatball.
  • Have FUN!

What is the time commitment for a Queen?

  • Attend (1) after-hour informational Queens Mixer
  • Fundraising “tips” prior to the event.
  • Prep/Planning for event dish (containing 100 servings).
  • Attend event on October 16th

Is this an over 21+ event?

  • Yes

How does a Queen collect tips prior to the event?

  • Each Queen will be provided with training, tools, templates and their own personalized webpage. Using these items Queens will be able to fundraise through social media, email, snail mail and from their own webpage.

When will Queens officially be allowed to start fundraising tips?

  • All personalized Queen webpages will go live shortly. Stay tuned!

What tools/materials will be provided to the Queens to help them raise tips prior to the event?

  • During the informational Queens Cocktail Mixer, each Queen will receive “Tools for Tips” materials, which will include:
  • Email communication templates
  • Social Media graphics and communication verbiage
  • Personalized Queen webpage link on the Culinary Queens Website 

Will there be any training or informational meetings leading up to the event?

  • Yes, (2) after-hour informational Queens Cocktail Mixers will be held. It is imperative that each Queen or a Queen representative attend one of the informational mixers.

How do I buy extra tickets or a table?

  • General admission tickets are available for $75. Reserved tables of 8 are available too (limited quantity). There is no admission for Queens and their assistants. Tickets and Tables can be purchased here.

How much room do Queens have to work with? Table dimensions?

  • 2 Queens will share (1) 8-foot table. Each Queen will have 4 feet of table (or station) to decorate as they please. Each table will have a white tablecloth and skirt.

Can I prepare my food at the event?

  • We strongly encourage that you bring your food already prepared. If you are serving a hot dish, please make sure to follow food safety guidelines. Check out the handout called Food Safety at Temporary Events which will be provided to you as we get closer to the event date. Food warmers will be available to help keep your food warm at the venue.

 What utensils should I bring?

  • Please bring all serving utensils needed to serve your dish. (I.E. serving spoons, pot holders, cooler, crockpot, extension cord, etc.) Old National Bank will provide all guest plates, bowls, napkins & utensils.

 What equipment and utensils will be provided if needed?

  • Chafing pans & Sterno (to keep food warm) will be provided for you – but you must request a chafing dish and/or electricity on your “Queen Bio” form. Plastic gloves will be at all Queen stations. Plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives for guests will be provided.

What do Queens wear to the event?

  • We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes but beyond that, we encourage each Queen to dress to have FUN! Dress up, dress down or dress in theme of your dish!

How much food do I make?

  • We encourage Queens to bring at least 100 servings to the event. Serving size equals the size of a meatball or the length of your thumb.

Can Queens decorate their station?

  • YES, PLEASE! You have full permission to decorate your station however you like but per event policy – no “outside” company signage will be allowed to be displayed in respect of the event’s sponsors. We would also ask that you refrain from using popcorn, balloons, nails, staples, tape (except painter’s tape), glitter, confetti, fog/bubble machines or open flame candles.

What time do Queens & their assistants need to arrive on the day of the event?

  • Queens and their assistants should plan to arrive between 3:30pm – 4pm. Allow plenty of time to unload your car. We need all Queens completely set up by 4:45 pm.

Will the Queens be fed? And can Queens visit other Queen stations?

  • Yes, between 5-6pm we will have scheduled a ‘Queens Only’ time. During this hour the doors to the event will be closed to attendees and Queens will get to sample/network with other Queens’ dishes.

What if I run out of food?

  • That’s a great thing! Your dish must have been delicious! You can close your station when/if you run out of food, and at that time, you are free to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Where do Queens and their assistants sit during the program?

  • Chairs will be provided for you at your Queen station. The rest of the tables/chairs are reserved for paying guests, however, you are welcome to move your chair to another location or to another table after your food “sells out” or after 8pm.

What happens if a Queen has leftovers?

  • If at 8pm you have any leftovers (which we hope you don’t!), you may leave them at your Queen station and a volunteer will collect it.

What time am I allowed to vacate my Queen station?

  • We strongly encourage that Queens remain at their station until 8pm or till after their dish “sells out”.

Will there be a friendly competition between Queens?

  • We hope so! A tip (donation) jar will be placed at each station. If the guests like what they taste, we ask that they “Tip the Queen” by placing a tip in the jar or tipping electronically. 100% of the tips donated to each Queen will go to FSA Counseling Center. The Queens who receive the most tips in their food category will crowned during a ceremony at the end of the event.

Will Queens be notified if someone makes a tip to her personalized Queen webpage?

  • Yes!

Are the ‘tips’ donated to a Queen (prior and during the event) tax-deductible?

  • Yes!


  • Please email contact us today.